A study on the Colorergonomics for the office plan

사무공간의 실내디자인을 위한 색채인간공학

  • 유연숙 (상명대학교 실내디자인학과)
  • Published : 1998.03.01


In accordance with the increasing of human engineering in modern industrial society, we must give thought to Colorergonomics. The reason is that color is a very important factor of the human engineering. And selecting the right colors in human working environment could bring many positive effects. This study tries to present a theoretical base for the color design in the plan of modern office especially through the analysis of the Model of Coloregonomics and the Color Cycleo of Human Engineering developed by the German colorist Axel Venn. As a main result of this study a man must be the focus of attention in the color design for the office.


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