Quality Changes of Fresh Green Pepper Paste during Storage

생청고추 페이스트의 저장 과정 중 품질 변화

  • 정재홍 (충남대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1998.04.01


To maintain flavor and color of fresh green pepper, the fresh green pepper paste was directly prepared from fresh green pepper. The characteristic of fresh green pepper paste and processing properties were investigated, and the effect of salt, glucose, acid and heat on product quality during processing and storage were studied. After the processed fresh green pepper paste was stored at 3$0^{\circ}C$ and 5$^{\circ}C$ without light for 6 months. The weight and pH of pericarp were 86% of total and 4.5~5.0, respectively. Addition of 10% salt, 5% glucose, and 0.1 dl-malic acid to the fresh green pepper paste maintain flavor of fresh green pepper could be preserved for 6 months at 5$^{\circ}C$. Panel test showed fresh green pepper paste which was made of 10% salt, 5% glucose and 0.1% dl-malic acid to the fresh green pepper was quite acceptable.