Systematic Diagnosis and Long-term Care of Cardiopulmonary Disease

심폐기 질환의 체계적인 진단과 장기-치료 관찰

  • Published : 1998.04.01


K14 patient with chronic dyspnea, who is senile female, early had suffered from radical mastectomy, radiotherapy, autoplastic transplantation, and knee arthritis. Abnormalities of cardiopulmonary function such as obesita, hypertension, mild left ventricular hypertrophy, and chronic pulmonary disease were found from K14 patient's clinical datas, which based on medical history and diagnosis, as well as evaluation of blood pressure, obesity, clinical diagnosis, chest PA, electrocardiogram, ultrasonocardiograph, and spirometery test. Diagnostic results were exactly analyzed, also long-term cares of K14 patient were discussed with related to the clinical literatures.