Diagnostic Radiology and Conservative Management of L1 Lumbar Spine with Compression Fracture

L1 요추 압박골절에 대한 진단방사선학 및 보존적 치료

  • Published : 1998.04.01


Diagnostic radiology and conservative management for S75 patient with L1 lumbar fracture by traffic accidents were discussed with references, and then the obtained results were as follows ; 1. Wedging compression fractures with 10% deformity was confirmed at anterior vertebral body of L1 lumbar spine through lateral plain X-ray film. 2. Irregular bony fractures were observed at anterior vertebral body of L1 lumbar spine by CT scans, anatomically T12-L1 sites showed highly frequency of injuries, Denis's fracture type was classified as multiple compression fracture at anterior column without abnormal middle and posterior column, also no Cobb's angle, and then Frankel's neurological classification was E grade. 3. Orthopaedic treatments were performed with conservative methods. With rest on the bed, anti-in-flammatory medication, electrolyte and nutritional solution, the pain diminished. 4. After 3 weeks, rehabilitation was worked with putting on polyethylene back corset, although pains remained slightly until after 8 weeks, thereafter the spine showed gradually stability.