Effect of the Pan Oil Type on the Releasing Power, Changes of Peroxide and Acid alue of the Oil

이형유 종류에 따른 Cake 제품의 이탈성, 이형유의 과산화물가 및 산가의 변화

  • Published : 1998.04.01


This study aims to examine appropriate kinds of pan oil to release a cake from the pan coated with polyether sulphone and to prove the change of acid value and peroxide value during the process of baking. The major factor effecting the rate of release of the cakes from the pan was properties of the oils rather than the additives. The releasing rate appeared higher as the iodine value was lower. The highest releasing rate was found in the sample, which was made of coconut oil plus 2% of wax, 2% of lecithin. The changes of acid value of the pan oil between the beginning and after baking was little different. In contrast, Peroxide value showed a great change after baking.