Fingerprinting of Rice Genomes Using PCR with Arbitrary Primers

  • Park, Kyong-Hee (Dept.of Biology Pusan National University)
  • Published : 1998.06.01


The arbitrary primed polymerase chain reaction (AP-PCR) has been used to detect the genetic alternations in the related species. Simple and reproducible fingerprints of complex genomes can be generated using single arbitrary chosen primers and the PCR. The technique was applied to the Oryza species and characterized the relationship among three cultivars of rice species based on theresult of genomic DNA fingerprints. The results indicated that the polymorphism revealed in rice strains and the differences in the PCR product pattern could be represented for each strainis. There was many variationsin the PCR product pattern between cv. Dongin(japonica type)and cv.Hyangdo (indica type), and our chosen AP-primers can ge as markers for strain identification and verfication.


Oryza sativa cv. Dongjin;Oryza sativa cv. Hyangdo;arbitary primed PCR (AP-PCR);fingerprinting;polymorphism