Fashion Changes in fur Clothing & Export Industry Supporting Plan

모피 의류의 패션 변화와 수출 산업 육성 방안 연구

  • 김혜경 (동덕여자대학교 의상디자인학과)
  • Published : 1998.05.01


Our country's fur clothing industry has rapidly grown for a short time since it started with simple needlework of fur pieces, and now it is still developing as export industry that some enterprises besides general business firm export more than ten million dollars a year. However, it is true that fur clothing industry is still in unsatisfactory level in its size and system, compared with manufacturing or leather industry. Of course, we import crude material and processed fur on an entire base, and we have few wild fur on an entire base, and we have few wild fur animals because of our natural condition and it is hard to breed them. On the other hand, the world's fur industry shows that the demand of fur clothes is increasing as fur animal breeding is improved and developed and supply has become rather abundant with the help of fur clothing fashion since late 19th century : Also, there is a trend that some developed countries depend on importing rather than self-prodoction because of the character-istic of labor-concetntraled fur industry. Accordingly, considering this situation, we can expect fur clothing industry as promising export industry by analyzing the present situation of our country's fur clothing industry and suggesting its problems and solutions, and here are developing plans for growing fur clothing industry as promising export industry. First, smoothing delivery of crude material. Second, making high quality products and diversifying goods. Third, establishing effective competition system in fur clothing industry. Fourth, raising skilled man power. Lastly, there should be coopetation among the related fields in the aspect of policy including the support from the government.