Consumer's Attitudes Toward Jeans Wear Advertisements by Appeal Type

소구 유형별 Jean 의류광고에 대한 소비자 태도-성적.비성적 소구유형을 중심으로

  • 황춘섭 (경희대학교 가정대학 의상학과)
  • Published : 1998.03.01


The present study was made to contribute to thed improvement of the quality of jeans wear advertising, and to the establishment of more effective advertising policy by which the jeans wear advertisements can go well with the unique charateristics of jeans wear. The study analyzed the consumer's attitude and dimention of affective responses toward jeans wear advertisements by type of appeal. The research was implemented through the survery with a representative sample of 344 consumers residing in Seoul. Means, Standard Deviation, ANOVA, Duncan Test, Facor Analysis and Regression were imployed to analyze the data gathered. The results of the study are as follows : (1) There are four dimentions of affective responses toward jeans wear advertisements ; upbeat-activation dimention, erotic-activation dimention, calm-emotional dimention, negative emotional demention. (2) According to consumer's sex, there are significant differences in each dimention of their affective responses. Toward sex-appeal advertisements, men show high degree of affective responses in upbeat-activation dimen-sion and calm-emotional dimension. (3) There is a probability that non-sex-appeal advertisement covers wider range of consumer than sex-appeal advertisements. (4) There is no significant different in affective responses towards both sex-appeal and non-sex-appeal advertisement of jeans wear between and among sex·age and involvement level of consumer. (5) Men prefer sex-appeal advertisement to non-sex-appeal advertisement, while there is no significant differences between the attitude of female consumers toward sex-appeal adver-tisement and non-sex-appeal advertisement. (6) In particular, age of 15∼18 and 30∼35 group of female consumer show very positive attitude toward sex-appeal advertisement. Therefore, there is a need to segment female jeans wear market by age groups. (7) According to the age and the involvement level of consumers, there is a significant differences in their attitudes toward advertise-ment. In case of male consumers, group of low level involvement prefer sex-appeal advertise-ment to non-sex-appeal advertisement. While high level involvement group did not show any significant differences between the attitude toward sex-appeal advertisement and the attitude toward non-sex-appeal advertisement. And the age of 15∼24, low level involvement group of female consumers also more positive attitude toward sex-appeal advertisement than toward non-sex-appeal advertisements.