Seasonal Variations of $SO_2$Dry Deposition Velocity Obtained by Sonic Anemometer-Thermometer

초음파 풍속온도계를 이용한 $SO_2$건성침착속도의 계절변화 특징

  • Published : 1998.10.01


In this study, seasonal variations of the dry deposition velocity and deposition flux for the sulfur dioxide were analysed. The field observation was performed during one year (from November 1, 1995 to October 31, 1996) in Chunchon basin. The turbulence data were measured by 3-dimensional sonic anemometer/thermometer, and were estimated by mean meteorological data obtained at two heights (2.5 m and 10 m) of meteorological tower. Also, the estimation methods were evaluated by comparing the turbulence data. The results showed that the estimated dry deposition velocity and turbulence parameter such as uc and sensible heat flux using mean meteorological data were relatively similar to the sonic measurements, but all showed somewhat large differences. The dry deposition velocity was large in summer and small in winter mainly due to canopy resistance (rc). The major factor which affects diurnal variation of the velocity was aerodynamic resistance (rw). The SO2 dry deposition flux was large in winter and small in summer in Chunchon.


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