A Simulation of the $O_3$Dry Deposition Velocity Considering Topographical Characteristics in Pusan

부산의 지형적 특성을 고려한 $O_3$의 건성 침적속도 시뮬레이션

  • Published : 1998.10.01


Deposition processes limit the life time of pollutants in the atmosphere and control the distance travelled before deposition. Thus the understanding about atmospheric deposition processes is essential for a proper assessment of the environmental impacts due to the anthropogenic pollutants. The dry deposition velocities are related to surface types, atmospheric stabilities, friction velocities, air pollutants and so on. In this study we simulated the dry deposition velocities of O3 in Pusan region. The calculated deposition velocities compared to the observed O3 data obtained during the summer of 1988 over a deciduous forest in Canada. The comparison showed that the model somewhat overpredicted deposition velocities for the average diurnal variations with maxima in daytime and minima in nighttime mostly due to the turbulence intensity.


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