Reduction of Nitrogen Oxide by Fuel Staged Technology on the Combustion of Gasification Fuel

가스화 연료 연소시 단계적 연료주입 기술에 의한 질소산화물 저감

  • Published : 1998.04.01


Coal gasification fuel has generally a lower calorific values than natural gas and also contains ammonia which is a main source of fuel NOx. Such a fuel is in need of the advanced technologies for the NOx reduction with higher combustion efficiency. Therefore fuel staged combustion was investigated for the fuel NOx control using a bench scale gas combustoi for the fuel NOx control. Parametric screening studies were performed with the variation of air ratio, retention length and reburning fuel. The NOx reduction efficiency was increased with an increase of total air ratio having optimum reburning air ratio differently, The Increased retention length of the reburning zone was preferable for NOx reduction. Hydrocarbonic reburning fuels like propane and butane were more effective for the NOx reduction efficiency than hydrogen fuel. The NOx concentration at exit was linearly increased according to the fuel-N the fuel.


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