Relationships between TSP and PM10 Concentrations in the Ambient Atmosphere

대기 중 TSP와 PM10 농도의 관련성

  • Published : 1998.02.01


Relationships between TSP and PM10 concentrations were evaluated using their respective data sets collected from Taegu and Kyeungsan areas during the period of December 1993 to November 1994. The collection of data was made using the gravimetric and $\beta$-ray absorption ($\beta$-MPM) methods for 7 days of every month from three urban sites in Taegu and one suburban site in Kyeungsan. Correlation coefficients between TSP and PM10 concentrations for these four sampling sites were found in the range of 0.85 $\sim$ 0.96. Correlation analysis was also conducted for $\beta$-PM concentration data that were measured only from the residential and commercial sites. The correlation coefficients between TSP and $\beta$-PM concentrations were 0.9 in the residential site and 0.8 in the commercial site. By contrast, the correlation coefficients between PM10 $\beta$-PM concentrations were almost identical for both the residential and commercial sites with a value of 0.88. The mean ratio for PM10 to TSP concentrations for all sites was appeared to be 0.68. The analysis of seasonal trends in PM10/TSP ratios showed that the contribution of PM10 to TSP concentrations was more significant during winter (0.70 $\sim$ 0.75) than during summer (0.61 $\sim$ 0.68). The results of this study may provide empirical informations on the compatability of aerosol data measured by different sampling methods.


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