Social Consensus among Two sides of Industry and the Government and its Implication for Disability Policy

노.사.정 사회적 합의가 장애인 복지정책에 주는 함의

  • 이성규 (한국장애인고용촉진공단, 고려대학교)
  • Published : 1998.11.25


This research is based on the assumption that Korea's social consensus among two sides of industry and government on Feb. 2 '98 was not just temporary response to the economic crisis caused by International Monetary Fund financial fund. Some arguments on the applicability of social democracy and corporatism and D. Donnison's perspective on Democratic Socialism are employed in search of an appropriate social consensus model for Korean situation. In the process of analyzing Korean situation in historical context it becomes apparent that there is embryo of stable social consensus beyond the level of tentative social cooperation to overcome the economic crisis. The next step applying the social consensus model to the employment policy for people with disability levels up empirical and theoretical validity of this research. It casts some implications for disability labour market which demands another kind of social consensus among people with disability, employers and the government. These implications include a desirable solution for hard lives of unemployed people with disability in economic difficulties and current policy issues facing Korean government.