Participants in the Redistribution Policy Process

재분배정책 과정에의 참여자 분석

  • Published : 1998.11.25


This paper examined the role of social workers in the redistribution policy process in Korea, based on the materials of case studies on the Korean redistribution policy. The findings and assertions in this paper are as follows: In the Korean redistribution policy process clients could not fully reflect their interests, because they were lack of the power resources such as money, knowledge, time, social status, etc. The process was initiated by the President and bureaucrats who were not oriented to social welfare. As a result, the redistribution policy in Korea has not been well-developed in terms not only of the policy for clients, but also of the policy for social integration. In the policy process, somebody is needed that issues the policy problem, watches the agenda setting process, the polcy making process and the implementation process in order to keep the interests of the have-nots. I assert that a social worker have taken these roles in the field of the redistribution policy process, because he/she is an expert equipped with professional knowledge and skills about social action.