Study on Integrating Women's Policies in Unified Korea : Social Welfare Policy

통일한국의 여성정책 통합방안에 관한 연구 : 사회복지정책 부문

  • 김영란 (숙명여대 아세아여성문제연구소/정법대학)
  • Published : 1998.11.25


The study is to grope for the unified device of the women's welfare policy in the United Korea by considering and comparing with the women's welfare in South Korea and North Korea centering on the women's welfare law and system among the social security laws and systems in the present both countries. The both Koreas have enforced the different women's welfare policies according to the different ideologies and constitutions. But in the welfare policy women are in the secondary stage by means of the ideology of sexual devision. It, therefore, is clear that the position of the North Korean woman goes in advance of the South Korean woman in the law and system. However, they are similar to the North Korean women in the aspects of the application of law and system. That is, both of them are discriminated not only in home and labor participation, but also in social welfare. There are the patriarchal family system and sexual devision of labor under the discrimination against woman. As though the both sexes are equal in law, the welfare law and system are applicated unequally to woman because of the ideology of sexual devision and familism which family should take the primary responsibility of welfare. From this perspective the women's welfare policy of the United Korea is not just to unify both laws and systems related women's welfare, but to search for the convergence on the higher level of quality and to make the real gender-equal society. The study suggests as the women's welfare the spread of the application of social welfare system, and social security network constructed through the mother protection policy, women's poverty and social security on basis of the primary principles such as the gender equal right as civil right, benefits of social welfare as social right, escape from the patriarchal familism, strengthening of resposibility of state and the principle of women participation in process of social welfare management. The device of women's welfare means building the social welfare system based on the real gender equality, so the unification will be the important turning point for the gender-equal society to the South-North Korean women.