The Accessible Study on the Hypothesis about seeing if Jeo(Kimchi) of ${\ulcorner}Chea\;Mihn\;Yho\;Sul{\lrcorner}$ is Back-Jae's Kimchi

"제민요술"의 저(菹)가 백제의 김치 인가에 관한 가설의 접근적 연구(II)

  • 김상보 (대전보건대학 전통조리과)
  • Published : 1998.07.30


Ka Sa Hyeob, who wrote ${\ulcorner}Chea\;Mihn\;Yho\;Sul{\lrcorner}$, lived in the times of Book-Wi (A.D.386-535) and his birthplace was San-Dong Peninsula. If the Back-Jae dynasty governed San-Dong Peninsula during A.D. 285-500, Jeo(Kimchi) of ${\ulcorner}Chea\;Mihn\;Yho\;Sul{\lrcorner}$ should be investigated as Back-Jae's Kimchi, beause it accorded with Ka Sa Hyeob's time of existence.