A Study on Eating Habits and Food Preference of Rural Elementary School Students

농촌초등학생의 식습관 및 식품기호에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.05.30


This study was undertaken to assess eating habits of 230 rural elementary school students living in ChunNam province. Anthropometric data showed that their mean height of girl students was significantly higher than that of boy students. Irregular eating pattern of girl students was noted. There was a significant difference in concerning on weight control between girls and boys. Girls especially view themselves as too obese even though their weight was in normal range and they were more concerned on weight control due to appearance. Nutrition education at school was an important factor ruling out peaky eating habits in participants. More effective nutrition education might be suggested to form a good eating habit which result in maintenance of ideal weight and promote health for rural elementary school students.