A Study on the Housewives Recognition and Preference of Seafoods and Fermented Seafoods Add Kimchi

젓갈 및 수산물 첨가 김치에 대한 주부의 기호도 및 의식조사에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.05.30


This study was carreid out to investigate present comsuming behavior and consumer preference of SEAFOODS as a stuff in KIMCHI making, adopting a questionaire survey for 500 housewives living in Korea except Chejudo Province. Frequency distribution and percentage of preferences were measured. Out of total housewives responded, 65.5% consider, THEY SHOULD EAT KIMCHI DAILY. Which conforms, kimchi is still an important side dish at most of the households On the other hand, some others consider EATING KIMCHI EVERY DAY is not neccesary(6.0%) or dislike it(0.5%). This result might suggest that kimchi may or may not be an essential sidedish for every households in the future. 96.3% of Housewives used fermented salited fish and 45% used seafoods as a staffing in making kimchi. Major reasons for adding seafoods in kimchi were: it improves teste and flavor(79.5%) and nutritional value(54.2%). Reasons for rejecting seafoods as a stuffing in making kimchi were: it worsens taste and flavor(13.5%), hygenic treatments of seafoods are below the necessary level(13.5%) and shelf life become shorter(12.8%), respectively. Among the fermented salted sauces, 84.9% and 69.1% of house wives responded as anchovy and shrimp sause were most favorite(base) material in Kimchi making, respectively. Out of total seafoods utilized in making kimchi,76.4%, 54.7% and 31.4% of housewives responded as oyster, small shrimp and sea-staghorn as the favorite seafoods in Kimchi making(raw material). Majority of housewives responded to develop it's taste and flavor to meet that of international one(86.5%) and that hygienic level(treatments) should be upgraded(50.9%).