Evaluation of Characteristics in the Reference Gamma Radiation Fields for testing of Personnel Dosimetry Performance

개인선량 평가의 성능검증을 위한 기준급 감마선장의 특성 평가

  • Published : 1998.12.30


In order to establish a testing system for personnel dosimetry performance, the radiation fields from photons, beta particles and neutrons are required, in recent, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety(KINS) established the reference radation fields except neutrons and tested a variety of their properties. As a result of the test, the reference beams were shown to meet satisfactorily not only the standards of the International Organization for Standardization(ISO), but also the standard levels of the developed countries which are intercomparable with the international traceability. This paper describes the reference beam of gamma radiation. The self-designed and established reference radiation fields were investigated and analyzed by ISO and other international standards. The secondary photon contribution and the beam uniformity of the gamma radiation field were measured and evaluated to fulfill those requirements suggested by the ISO-4037. The measured air kerma rate for the $^{137}$Cs and $^{60}$Co gamma fields was 0.1891 $\sim$ 23.4967 $\mu$Gy/s sand 0.5844 $\sim$ 15.9954 $\mu$Gy/s respectively. The uncertainty with 95 % confidence level of the measured air kerma rate was determined to be less than 2.5 % which is comparable to the international reference gamma radiation fields. It was found that the evaluated air kerma calibration factors of Exradin ionization chamber were in good agreement within 0.9 % and 0.03 % with those given by PTB and NIST, respectively. The gamma radiation fields installed at KINS can maintain traceability systems in Korea, Germany and United State.