Analysis of Dose Rates from Steam Generators to be Replaced from Kori Unit 1

고리 1호기 교체 증기발생기의 선량률 분석

  • Published : 1998.09.30


In order to calculate dose rates from steam generators to be replaced from Kori unit 1 in 1998, radionuclide inventories inside steam generator were evaluated from smear test results and measured dose rates from S/G tubes withdrawn for the metallographical examination of damaged tubes. Based on the inventories, contact dose rates and dose rates at 1 m from the surface of a steam generator were calculated using the QAD-CG computer code. Contact dose rates ranged from 11.5 mR/hr at the bottom of channel head to 37.7 mR/hr at the middle of shell barrel, and showed no significant difference with dose rates at 1 m from the surface of steam generator. Shielding effects of lead and carbon steel were compared to provide basic shielding data. Lead shield showed excellent shielding effects. Dose rate at 1 m from the middle of S/G shell barrel decreased from 38.6 mR/hr to 15.5 mR/hr with the lead shield of 2 mm thickness. However, carbon steel showed a poor shielding effect even with the thickness of 2.0 cm. This can be explained with the great differences in the attenuation effect and buildup factor between lead and carbon steel for low energy photons.