Adsorption Characteristics of Radionuclides on AMP and $MnO_2$

AMP와 $MnO_2$에 대한 방사성핵종의 흡착특성

  • Published : 1998.06.30


Adsorption characteristics of the radionuclides and stable elements on AMP and $MnO_2$ in the seawater have been investigated. The adsorption yield of AMP was 97.5% for $^{137}Cs$, 11.8% for $^{85}Sr$, and 15.1% for $^{131}I$, while being less than 6% for other radionuclides and elements. The AMP showed the highest adsorption yield for $^{137}Cs$. The adsorption yields of $MnO_2$ were more than 90% for all radionuclides and elements, except for $^{40}K$, $^{137}Cs$ and $^{203}Hg$ of which the adsorption yields were less than 8%.