Cumulative Deposition of $^{137}Cs$ in the Soil of Korea

한국토양에 존재하는 $^{137}Cs$ 방사능 분포

  • Published : 1998.06.30


The cumulative deposition of $^{137}Cs$ in the soil of Korea has been studied. Using ${\gamma$-ray spertrometry, the conrentrations of $^{137}Cs$ were determined for the soil samples collected to a depth of 20 cm. The average accumulated depositions of $^{137}Cs$ were estimated roughly to be 2,501 ${\pm}$ $m^{-2}$ in the forest and 1,058 ${\pm}$ 322 Bq $m^{-2}$ in the hill. The inventory value of $^{137}Cs$ in the forest is about two times higher than that in the hill. Except for some cases, the concentrations of $^{137}Cs$ in the undisturbed soils decreased exponentially with increasing the soil depth. The influences of rainfall, organic matter content, clay content and pH on the deposition of $^{137}Cs$ were studied using the field method. Among these factors, the organic matter content played the most important role in the retention and relative mobility of $^{137}Cs$ in the soil. The other factors such as rainfall, clay content and pH showed weak correlation with the deposition of $^{137}Cs$ in the soil.