A Study on the Oceanic Diffusion of Liquid Radioactive Effluents based on the Statistical Method

통계적 방법을 이용한 방사성 물질의 해양 확산 평가

  • Published : 1998.03.30


A diffusion model of radioactive liquid effluents is developed and applied for YGN NPP's site, based on the Gaussian plume type model. Due to the complexity of oceanic diffusion characteristics of YGN site, a simple and reliable statistical model based on Reg. Guide 1.113 is developed. Also, a computer code package to calculate dilution factors as a function of plant operation conditions and pathway of radioactive materials. A liquid effluents diffusion model is developed by dividing the diffusion range into two categories, i. e, a near field mixing region and a far field mixing region. In the near field, the initial mixing is affected by a buoyance force, a high initial turbulence and momentum which is characterized by a plant operation condition and environmental conditions. The far field mixing is similar to gaseous effluents diffusion. So, beyond the near field region, wellknown Gaussian plume model was adopted. A different area averages of Gaussian plume equation was taken for each radioactive exposure pathway. As a result, we can get different dilution factors for different pathways. Results shows that present dilution factors used for YGN ODCM is too much overestimated compared with dilution factors calculated with the developed model.