Effect of Pyrimidylsalicylate on the Valine Sensitive Acetolactate Synthase Purified from Serroatia marcescens

  • Yang, Jeong-Hee (Department of Biochemistry, Bioproducts Research Center and College of Science, Yonsei University) ;
  • Kim, Soung-Soo (Department of Biochemistry, Bioproducts Research Center and College of Science, Yonsei University)
  • Received : 1996.10.01
  • Published : 1997.01.31


The inhibitory effect of herbicides such as sulfonylurea derivatives, imidazolinones and pyrimidylsalicylate has been examined on the purified valine sensitive acetolactate synthase (ALS) from Serratia marcescens. The concentration of sulfometuron methyl which inhibits 50% of the ALS activity was 2.5 mM. The required concentrations of triasulfuron, primisulfuron methyl and imazaquin for the 50% inhibition of the ALS activity were 1 mM. The resistance of Serratia ALS to sulfometuron methyl, imazapyr and imazaquin is similar to that of E. coli ALS 1. However, pyrimidylsalicylate showed a potent inhibitory effect on the Serratia ALS almost 13 times more potent than on E. coli ALS II, which is known as herbicide-sensitive isozyme. The inhibitory mode was competitive against pyruvate. 150 value was determined to be $17{\mu}M$ in an assay mixture containing 20 mM pyruvate, and the $K_1$, value was calculated to be $0.4{\mu}m$ from the modified double reciprocal plot of 1/V versus $1/S^2$.


enterobacterial acetolactate synthase isozymes;pyrimidylsalicylate;Serratia acetolactate synthase


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