An Object-Oriented Model Base Design Using an Object Modeling Techniques

객체모델링기법에 의한 객체지향 모델베이스 설계

  • 정대율 (동명전문대학 경영정보과)
  • Published : 1997.06.01


Recently, object-oriented concepts and technology are on the leading edge of programming language and database systems research, and their usefulness in those contexts has been successfully demonstrated. The adoption of object-oriented concept to the design of model bases has several benefits. From the perspectives of object-oriented approach, models in a model base are viewed as object which encapsulate their states and behaviors. This paper focuses on the design of an object-oriented model base that handles various resources of DSS(data, knowledge, models, solvers) in a unified fashion. For the design of a model base, we adopted Object Modeling Techniques(OMT). An object model of OMT can be used for the conceptual design of an overall model base schema. The object model of OMT provides several advantages over the conventional approaches in model base design. The main advantage are model reuse, hierarchical model construction, model sharing, meta-modeling, and unified model object management.