Search for Allelopathic Compound in Rice Straw

볏짚에 함유한 생리활성물질 탐색

  • Received : 1997.07.14
  • Published : 1997.12.30


When the rice straw mulched, the inhibition of weed growth was observed in the paddy field. If we use these allelopathic effect of decreased weed establishment, we can save labor, and protect environment. Aqueous extract of rice straw were bioassayed using water foxtail seeds to investigate chair effects on the germination and the growth, and to identify allelopathic compounds. The major results obtained were summarized as follows : Aqueous extract was fractioned by solvent, among various fractions, II-3, II-4 fractions inhibited the coleoptile and the radical of water foxtail, by 100%, respectively. There were fumaric acid and 4 unknown organic acids. Seven organic acids including fumaric acid inhibited the growth and germination of water foxtail in $10^{-2}$M solution. One of the most effective allelopathic compounds in rice straw was identified the unknown organic acid, as molecular weight 253, by GC/MS.