Separation of Taxol from Taxanes by NP-HPLC

정상 액체 크로마토그래피를 이용한 taxane으로부터 taxol의 분리

  • Received : 1996.12.09
  • Accepted : 1997.02.25
  • Published : 1997.04.10


Taxol which is recognized as a powerful anticancer reagent was extracted from yew extract and separated by NP-HPLC (Normal-PhaseHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography). The experiments were performed in the isocratic mode with $5{\mu}l$ to $100{\mu}l$ injection volume and 1ml/min mobile phase flow rate. The major mobile phase was hexane and small amounts of ethanol, methanol, 1-propanol and isopropanol were added to change the retention behavior. Prior to a real sample, the artificial mixture of taxol, cephalomannine and 10-deacetyltaxol was tested. They are hard to be separated because of similar chemical structures. The experimental results showed that the proper composition of mobile phase for separating the three components was found 96% hexane and 4% ethanol(vol.%) or 96% hexane, 2% 1-propanol and 2% methanol(vol.%). Compared to the run time of 80 minutes for the binary system, the mixture was separated within 50 minutes with the less amount of mobile phase for the ternary system. Finally, $1{\mu}g$ of taxol was separated from yew tree extracts under the optimum operating conditions.



Grant : 제조용액체 크로마토그래피를 이용한 Taxol 분리공정의 개발

Supported by : 교육부


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