Separation of Phospholipids in Step-Gradient Mode

Setp-Gradient Mode를 이용한 인지질의 분리

  • Received : 1997.05.21
  • Accepted : 1997.06.11
  • Published : 1997.08.10


Normal-phase HPLC was used to separate the useful phospholipids, PE, PI and PC in soybean lecithin. The mobile phase used in this experiments were haxane, isopropanol and methanol, the gradient mode was applied as the three components could not be separated by the isocratic mode. To find the optimum separation condition, the concentration profiles of effluents were calculated from the plate theory and the capacity factor in step-gradient mode. From the calculated results, PE was separated with hexane/isopropanol/methanol = 90/5/5vol.% in isocratic mode and PI and PC were resolved in the conditions of 10min gradient time and the second mobile phase of hexane/isopropanol/methanol=50/20/30vol.% in step-gradient mode. The agreement between the calculated concentration profile and experimental data was good, so the methodology developed in this work can be used to obtain the optimum separation condition in gradient mode.



Supported by : 인하대학교


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