Status of Document Delivery, Interlibrary Loan Services and Use of Information Technology in Korean Special Libraries

국내 특수 도서관에서의 원문제공과 상호대차 서비스 및 정보기술의 활용 현황

  • Published : 1997.09.01


To find out the status of document delivery and interlibrary loan services and the use of information technology in special libraries, questionnaires were sent to 328 special Libraries nation wide with at least 1 librarian, listed In the Korean Libraries Statistics 1994-1995(1996). $46.6\%$ were returned and 152 Questionnaires were analyzed. For document delivery, $61.3\%$ use BLDSC$47.5\%$ use KINITI. 87 libararies $(57.2\%)$ participate In interlibrary loan activities. To send requests, FAX and telephone is used the most, while FAX and print copy is used the most to receive the requested documents. $45-75\%$ use various information technology including online databases, Internet, e-mail, etc., and the use of information technology was related to the budget of the libraries. The costs, budgets, and slowness was the problems raised by the most. To improve the document delivery services, the most urgent thing is establishing cooperative system using BBS or Internet. Network systems to facilitate interlibrary loan should be established ultimately.