An Analysis of the Class 'Philosophy' in tile 4th Revised and Enlarged Edition of KDC

한국십진분류법 치4판 철학류의 분석

  • 박옥화 (충남대학교 문헌정보학과)
  • Published : 1997.09.01


Korean Library Association brought out the fourth revised and enlarged edition of KDC last year. Compared with the former edition It Is a marked improvement. Neverthless, it leaves much room for improvement. In order to examine and evaluate the edition more effectively, I confined my study to the class 'Philosophy'. In my judgment the problem resolves itself into following three points: 1) Each regions, blanches of philosophy is not properly balanced. As is generally known KDC was originally derived from DDC. As a result KDC and DBC are similiar with regard to their stress on the philosophical tradition of the West. In consequence, it is lacking in universality. 2) The classifiers neglected on several occassions the logical regulations of classification. The vertical and horizontal relations between the subjects are not strictly respected. 3) The persons concerned were not well informed of philosophical conceptions and genealogies. There are some misused conceptions and disorganized genealogies of philosophy. To my knowledge these problems originate in the lack of professional understanding of philosophy necessary to make the work satisfactory As a result of the examination I came to the conclusion that it is inevitable for the classifiers, to ask to specialists in philosophy for mutual cooperation. Without their professional advices the classifiers will find difficulty in solving the problems and in improving the classification