The Issues of Digital Copying and Application of Fair Use in the Network Environment

네트워크 환경에서의 디지털복제와 공정사용 법리 적용의 문제점

  • 홍재현 (중부대학교 문헌정보학과)
  • Published : 1997.12.01


The digital copying and digital transmission are rapidily Increasing with the innovation of information technology and the development of networking technology. But It Is Inevitable to limit copyright for the public benefit and cultural development In the digital environment in like manner with the analog environment. First, this study examinated the international trends and legulations relating to the copyright limitations In the U.S. and Japan for the fair use. Second, it dealed with the problems of the digital copying relating to the temporary storage In RAM and screen display that are recently becoming international issues. Third, it concretely explored and analyzed the problems according to the application of the fall use of the private copying, the library copying, and the copying for the purpose of school education in the network environment. In conclusion, to solve these problems that Is occurred from legulations In the analog environment Is needed the revision of the existing copyright law in Korea. Finally, this study suggested 'the copyright collecive management system' and 'the private copying levy system' as the systemic devices to control the digital private copying.