A Study on Item Systems of Shinjung Tongguk Yoji Sungnam and Cheyong

신증동국여지승람의 항목체재와 '제영'에 대한 고찰

  • 정의성 (광주대학교 문헌정보학과)
  • Published : 1997.12.01


The content systems of Shinjung Tongguk Yoji Sungnam(신증동국여지승람, A Korean Geography Published in Chosen Dynasty) consist of 26 items and the main subject comprises administration, military and geography, This book does not suggest a simple geography but a comprehensive bibliography as an administrative guide book of a nation or a military operation manual. In particular, this book is made much of as a more valuable material in elevating the quality of the geographic book since it contained a 'Cheyong(제영)' item and reinforced the fields of humanities which could not be found out in other geography. The verses of Cheyong are recorded in the documents in the Chungchong, Kyungsang and Chulla Provinces, and these recorded verses In the tree provinces are more than half of the whole country's. The objects of recitation in the these verses are related to such natural phenomena and historic relics as the mountains, the livers, the wails and the royal tombs.