Effects of Cellulase and Brewers' Grains Addition on the Fermentation Quality and Nutritive Value of Barley Straw Silage

  • Ridla, M. (Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University) ;
  • Uchida, S. (Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University)
  • Received : 1996.12.27
  • Accepted : 1997.04.11
  • Published : 1997.12.01


Two experiments were carried out to evaluate the effects of cellulase and brewers' grains addition on improvement of the fermentation quality and the nutritive value of barley straw silages made from dried or fresh straw. In Exp. I : 1 kg dried barley straw + 2 kg wet brewers' grains + 0 (I-0), 2 (I-2), 4 (I-4), 6 (I-6), and 8 (I-8) g of cellulase. In Exp. II : 2 kg fresh barley straw + 2 kg wet brewers' grains + 0 (II-0), 2 (II-2), 4 (II-4), 6 (II-6), and 8 (II-8) g of cellulase. Each prepared material was ensiled into vinyl bag silos (5 L capacity) and stored for 10 (Exp. I) or 7 (Exp. II) months at $21^{\circ}C$. The fermentation quality and nutritive value of barley straw silages produced were markedly improved by mixing them with wet brewers' grains, on the other hand the effect of cellulase addition on the fermentation and reduction of the cell wall components in the silos at ensiling more effectively occurred at low dry matter silages rather than at the high ones. All silages in both Exp. I and II were found well preserved as indicated by their low pH and high lactic acid concentration. Cellulase treated silages had a lower pH (p<0.05) and a higher lactic acid concentration (p<0.05) than those of without cellulase addition. NDF, ADF, and (Hemi)cellulose contents of cellulase treated silages reduced (p<0.05) compare to those of the corresponding silage without cellulase. Increasing levels of cellulase addition caused an increase in fermentation quality and reduction of cell wall components. In vitro dry mater digestibility was found similar in all silages. Fermentation quality and nutritive value of barley straw silages were improved by both wet brewers' grains and cellulase addition. Cellulase addition reduced the cell wall components silages, but did not improve the digestibility.

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