Changes of Nutrients Content and Natural Supplies by Suspended Soil Particle in lrrigation Water during the Rice Cultivation

논 관개수에 함유된 토사 중 영양물질의 함량변화와 천연공급량

  • Published : 1997.12.30


Changes of nutrient material and natural supplies by sediment of irrigation water into 1.0ha of paddy field during the rice cultivation were investigated. TSS of the sediment contained irrigation water ranged 52.9${\sim}$125.6mg/L and content of organic matter showed 1.89${\sim}$2.33%. Content of T-N, $NH_4-N$ and $NO_3-N$ were 623.5${\sim}$1775.2, 22.9${\sim}$75.8 and 10.2${\sim}$72.1mg/kg respectively. Content of T-P and ortho-P were 186.7${\sim}$375.7 and 12.4${\sim}$38.9mg/kg respectively. The content of exchangeable canons, $Ca^{++},\;Mg^{++}\;Na^+\;and\;K^+$ were 435.3${\sim}$737.5, 127.3${\sim}$204.2, 36.6${\sim}$94.9 and 105.6${\sim}$232.9mg/kg respectively. Total content of heavy metals were 13.4 of Pb, 0.6 of Cd, 8.2 of Ni, 12.1 of Cu, 29.8 of Zn and 19.7mg/kg of Cr. During the period of rice cultivation, when supplied 4,250m^3 of an irrigation water into 1.0ha of paddy field, natural supplied 346.01kg of sediment, 7.11kg of organic matter, 0.50kg of T-N, 0.02㎏ of NH_4-N, 0.01kg of NO_3-N, 0.08kg of T-P and 0.01㎏ of Ortho-P. Also exchangeable $Ca^{++},\;Mg^{++}\;Na^+\;and\;K^+$ were supplied 0.21, 0.06, 0.02 and 0.06kg respectively. Loaded of the total heavy metal showed natural background level.