Radiation Hormesis on the Growth of Chinese Cabbage and Radish

전리방사선에 의한 배추와 무의 생육촉진효과

  • Published : 1997.12.30


Hormetic effects of low dose radiation were analyzed in terms of growth stimulation in radish and three cultivars of chinese cabbage. Seeds irradiated with ${\gamma}$ radiation were planted in the green house and in the experimental field. Though it varied with cultivars of tested plants, hormetic effect of low dose ${\gamma}$ radiation on an early stage of growth were shown especially in germination rates and elongation of seedlings. The height of seedlings increased in 0.2 Gy irradiated group of Seolim cultivar and radish, in 1 Gy irradiated group of Konaenggi cultivar and in 4 Gy irradiated group of Ducksung cultivar, respectively, In case of plants grown in the experimental field, prominent were the height increase of radish and Seolim cultivar in 1 Gy irradiated group and the fresh weight increase of both radish and cabbage in 4 Gy irradiated group.