Vertical Distribution of Bulk Density and Salts in a Plastic Film House Soil

깊이별 용적밀도가 다른 시설재배지 토양의 염류분포

  • Published : 1997.09.30


To investigate the salt accumulation in the plastic film house soils, bulk density, electrical conductivity(EC), exchangeable canons and water soluble anions were determined at different depths(0~60cm) in the salt-accumulated plastic film house soils in Yesan, Chungnam, Korea. Bulk density were increased from $1.2Mg/m^3$ to $1.5Mg/m^3$ as the depth changed from 0cm(top soil) to 30cm(subsoil) below the soil surface, whereas the bulk densities between 30cm to 60cm slightly decreased to $1.42Mg/m^3$. These changes of soil bulk densities might influence the porosity and pore size distribution, resulting in affecting the water flow throughout, soil layers. Electrical conductivity and Exchangeable sodium percentage(ESP) for 0 to 10cm soil layer were 5.08 dS/m and 6.4, respectively, while the EC was decreased to less than 1.63 dS/m in 20~30cm depth and about 0.7 dS/m. Salt accumulation patterns in the plastic film house soils might be influenced by the changes of the bulk densities in soil.


Salt accumulation;Plastic film house;Compaction;Bulk density;Hard pan


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