Determination of Organic Pollutants in Dyeing Wastewater

염색폐수 중의 유기오염물질 분석

  • 육근성 (국립기술품질원 화학부 재료분석과)
  • Received : 1997.03.31
  • Published : 1997.10.25


Fifteen volatile organic pollutants were spiked in blank water at the concentration of $20{\mu}g/L$ and analyzed with Purge and Trap and GC/MS. As a result, the overall mean recovery of 100% was obtained with a mean relative standard deviation of 3.6%. The method detection limits were in the range of $1.9{\sim}3.3{\mu}g/L$. In the wastewater analysis of Banwol dyeing comlex, 15 organic compounds were identified and three of these were quantified. Among the compounds identified, only trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene are regulated in wastewater by the Korea Ministry of Environment. But, the concentration of these two compounds were below the government allowance level.