A Real-time Traffic Control Scheme for ATM network:RCT

ATM망을 위한 실시간 트래픽 제어 기법:RCT

  • Published : 1997.11.01


A B-ISDN network based on ATM must support several kinds of transport services with different traffic characteristics and service requirements. There is neither link-by-link flow control nor error control in the ATM layer. For different services, different flow/error controls could be performed at the AAL layer or at a higher Iayer(e.g. transport layer). In traditional data networks, the window now control mechanism combined with error control was used prevalently. But, the window flow control mechanism might be useless in ATM networks because the propagation delay is too large compared with the transmission rate. In this paper, we propose a simple flow control mechanism, called RCT(Rate Control for end-to-end Transport), for end-to-end data transport. The RCT shows acceptable performance when the average overload period is bounded by a certain time.