Structural Optimization by Global-Local Approximations Structural Reanalysis based on Substructuring

부구조화 기반 전역-부분 근사화 구조재해석에 의한 구조최적화

  • 김태봉 (충남전문대학 산업안전과) ;
  • 서상구 (중경공업전문대학 토목과) ;
  • 김창운 (동일공업고등학교)
  • Published : 1997.09.01


This paper presents an approximate reanalysis methods of structures based on substructuring for an effective optimization of large-scale structural systems. In most optimal design procedures the analysis of the structure must be repeated many times. In particular, one of the main obstacles in the optimization of structural systems are involved high computational cost and expended long time in the optimization of large-scale structures. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate efficiently the structural behavior of new designs using information from previous ones, without solving basic equations for successive modification in the optimal design. The proposed reanalysis procedure is combined Taylor series expansions which is a local approximation and reduced basis method which is a global approximation based on substructuring. This technique is to choose each of the terms of Taylor series expansions as the basis vector of reduced basis method in substructuring system which is one of the most effective analysis of large -scale structures. Several numerical examples illustrate the effectiveness of the solution process.