Analysis of the Irradiated Nuclear Fuel Using the Heavy Atom and Neodynium Isotope Correlations with Burnup

  • Published : 1997.08.01


The correlation of isotope composition of uranium, plutonium and neodymium with the burnup in M uranium dioxide fuel has been investigated experimentally. The total and fractional($^{235}$ U) burnup were determined by Nd-148 and, U and Pu mass spectrometric method respectively. The isotope compositions of these elements, after their separation from the fuel samples were measured by mass spectrometric. The content of the elements in the irradiated fuel ore determined by isotope dilution mass spectrometric method using $^{233}$ U, $^{242}$ Pu and $^{150}$ Nd as spikes. The content of plutonium in the irradiated fuel was expressed by the correlation with uranium isotopes. The correlations between isotope compositions themselves and the total and fractional burnup ore compared with those calculated from ORIGEN2 code.



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