Feasibility Study on the Utilization of Mixed Oxide Fuel in Korean 900MWe PWR Core Through Conceptual Core Nuclear Design and Analysis

  • Published : 1997.08.01


The neutronic feasibility of typical Korean three-loop 900MWe class PWR core loaded with mixed oxide fuels for both annual and 18-month cycle strategies has been investigated as a means for spent fuel management. For this study, a method of determining equivalent plutonium content was developed under the equivalence concept which gives the same cycle length as uranium fuel. Optimal plutonium zoning within the MOX assembly was also designed with the aim of minimizing the peak md power. Conceptual core designs hate hen developed for equilibrium cycle with the following variations: annual and 18-month cycle, 1/3 and full MOX loading schemes, and typical and high moderation lattice. The analysis of key core physics parameters shows that in all cases considered satisfactory core designs seem to be feasible, though addition of control rod system and change in Technical Specification for soluble boron concentration are required for full MOX loading in order to meet the current design requirements.



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