Involvement as a Moderator of Customer Satisfaction

고객만족에 대한 관여도의 조정적 역할

  • 이공섭 (원광보건전문대학 경영정보과)
  • Published : 1997.11.01


Customer satisfaction is one of the major issues in current marketing research. Among many studies on this issue, the best known is the determinants of customer satisfaction. This study is focused the involvement as a moderator of customer satisfaction. The data were collected from 113 students who have an experience using or buying the products and services. The present study found that the customer satisfaction has a relation with the following major characteristics. These are: 1) The direct effect of expectation on the customer satisfaction is significant in case of high involvement service. 2) The direct effect of performance has a difference between high involvement and low involvement. 3) And the direct effect of disconfirmation on the customer satisfaction is significantly different from the levels of involvement.