A study on the Water Retention of Coating Colors(V)-Application of Alkali Sensitive Water Retention and Rheology Modifiers-

도공액의 보수성에 관한 연구(제5보)-알칼리 반응형 보수.유동성 개량제의 적용-

  • 이용규 (강원대학교 제지공학과) ;
  • 엄기용 (강원대학교 제지공학과)
  • Published : 1997.12.01


Sole-binder formulation has been recently introduced to solve the problems of coating process and printability caused by use of natural polymer However, the decrease of natural polymer application causes another problem in paper coating. Therefore, synthetic thickener is used to get similar effect to natural polymer usage. In this study. low shear viscosity, dewatering of coating colors were measured to evaluate the performance of the alkali sensitive water retention and rheology modifiers. The effects of alkali sensitive thickener on the physical properties of coated paper and printability were also investigated. The gloss and printability of coated paper containing the synthetic flow modifier were similar or superior to those of CMC containing coated paper. This modifier was also effective to improve the problems caused by the use of starch. The results indicated that the flow modifier synthesized with alkali sensitive thickener can reduce the problems of natural polymer and could be a good substitute f3r a natural polymer.



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