Four Athecate Hydroids from Korean Waters

한국산 민컵히드라충류 4종

  • 박정희 (수원대학교 생명과학부)
  • Published : 1997.06.01


Four athecate hydroids in 4 families from Chakyakto, Anmy ndo and Yokchido are described as new to the Korean fauna: Rhizogeton fusiformis L. Agassiz, 1862 in Clavidae; Stylactaria reticulata Hirohito, 1988 in Hydractiniidae; Perigonimus serpens Allman, 1863 in Bougainvilliidae ; Hydrocoryne miurensis Stechow, 1907 in Hydrocorynidae. Of which the family Hydrocorynidae is reported for the first time in Korean waters.