The first zoeal stage of Hyastenus elongatus (Ortmann, 1893) (Decapoda, Brachyura, Majidae)

박뿔게 (십각목, 단미류, 물맞이게과)의 제 1 조에아 유생

  • 고현숙 (부산여자대학교 자연대학 생물학과)
  • Published : 1997.03.01


The first zoeae of Hyastenus elongatus (Ortmann, 1893) were obtained in thelaboratory from hatching. They are described, illustrated in detail and compared with the previously described zoeae of the subfamily pisinae. The zoeae of H. elongatus are similar to, but may be distinguished from those of Hyastenus diacnathus (De Haan, 1839), by the number of setae on the postero-lateral carapace margin and mouthpart appendages, and the length of a dorsal carapace spine. In the mouthpart appendages, the difference in the number of setae on an endopod of the maillule between H. eleongatus and H. diacanthus is doubtful, and it should be necessary ot make a detailed re-description of H. diacanthus.