An applied method of mathematical model in the product design process

수학적 Model의 제품 디자인 과정에의 응용방법

  • 이수봉 (동아대학교 산업디자인 학과)
  • Published : 1997.05.01


This study aims to promote understanding level for mathematical model, to improve methods and necessity of application in the process of product design and also to promote approaching and applying methods as a guideline for beginners. For the procedure and method of study first, it was emphasized by linking method and necessity of scientific analysis and a quality of product design and design process. Next, the corresponding relations between mathematical model and design probelem was desciebed, the mathematical model was examinated appeying process of product design. Lastly, approaching and applying methods for beginners was presented based on the discribed studied contents. As the result of the study, some points are by a result or problem : frist, the point that mathematical model is useful to grasp the design problems which various elements are complicately involved quantitatively and structurally, and its necessity can be especially utilized as a tool to justify and convince the convince the conclusion of the designer himself to the persons concerned. Second, the point that in order to apply mathematical model to the design process skillfully, first of all, the substance of all mathematical models which can be applid, and it is not easy to command in perfect method without using computer. Third, the point that since there are many kindsof mathematical models used is mathematical modeland the models which can be applidied to solve design problems differ in accordance with the design types and design process, its applying method can be presented as one kind of standardization or concretely. Fourth the point that in case of approaching mathematical model for the first time, it can start to select model corresponding with design type by stage of design process bassed on understanding for some mathematical knowledge and computer program.