Design of a Local Ventilation System in the Non-Standard Air Condition using the Spreadsheet Model

스프레드시트 모델을 이용한 비표준 공기상태에서의 국소환기시스템의 설계

  • 조석호 (지산전문대학 산업위생과)
  • Published : 1997.12.01


A study on ventilation design using the spreadsheet model is carried out to propose means of available design. A sample of complex ventilation system In the non-standard condition Is used to illustrate thins spreadsheet model. In developing the spreadsheet model, this study has attempted to it general by using computional equations and design parameters that can be readily applied to any spreadsheet software. Also, most design data is contained in the spreadsheet template. This template provides the same design information as the ACGIH worksheet, and operates Quickly and emclenuy, and is fiexible enough to use under different conditions. This spreadsheet model allows the ventilation engineer to design quickly and accurately the ventilation system, without spending too much effort In the design process. By storing on computer and diskette, the design data computed finally can be used as a permanent record of specific ventilation system, and because of finally to be able to design over and over again while making only slight changes to the Input data, the spreadsheet model is used availably to accomplish the design optimazation by redesign and troubleshooting by review from field measurements. Also, the spreadsheet model is available for designing ventilation system under different condition or evaluating existing system or design drawing, because changes In the layout or formulae can be readily made to fit the needs of the designer.


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