A Study on Harmful Radioactive Gas(Rn$_222$)-Concentration in Soils, Taejeon City

대전지역 토양에서 유해 방사성가스인 라돈 농집에 대한 연구

  • 김승오 (초당대학교 환경공학과) ;
  • 김해경 (광주교육대학교 과학교육과)
  • Published : 1997.10.01


The arm of this study is to determine harmful radioactive gas($Rn^{222}$)-concentrations in soils and to suggest the anormalous regions of $Rn^{222}$-concentration in Taejeon area. The range of $Rn^{222}$-concentration in the soils (45 samples) of the survey area is 100 to 2, 475 (pCi/L) and mean$\pm$$\sigma$ of those values is 489$\pm$ 505 (pCi/L). The 2% (4 samples) of soil-gas samples (45 ones) collected In the survey area is corresponded to high rusk level, 53% (24 samples) to medium one and 43% (19 samples) to low one. Especially. The $Rn^{222}$-concentration is relatively higher in schistose granite region than in other rock Mts (two-mica granite and biotite ganite) in the survey area. The $Rn^{222}$-concentration is propotional to the uranium contents in the soils. The soil hardness among the various factors is correlative with $Rn^{222}$-concentrations. To prevent the damage from $Rn^{222}$-concentrations, It is necessary to close the cracks of underground structure and to consider methods reducing $Rn^{222}$-concentration for the anormalous regions.


Rn222-concentration;pCi/L;risk level


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