The Relations Between Children's Perceptions of Parental Childrearing Behaviors Family Support and Their Interpersonal Problem-Solving Behaviors

부모의 양육행동 및 가족지지와 아동의 대인간 문제해결 행동과의 관계

  • Published : 1997.03.01


The Purpose of this study was to examine how children's perceptuions of parental childrearing behaviors and family support were related to their interpersonal problem-solving behaviors. 580 subjects of the 5th 6th grades filled out questionnaires concerning the three research variables. The data were analyzed through correlation analyses and regression analyses. The results were as follows: The significant correlations were found between parental warmth·acceptance and children's interpersonal problem-solving behavior and between family support and problem-solving behaviors. Problem-solving behaviors showed higher correlations with maternal warmths·acceptance than paternal behaviors and with opposite-sex parents behaviors than with same-sex parents behaviors. Family support predicted children's social problem-solving behaviors better than parental warmth·acceptance especially among boys.



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