Beam Tests for Static and Fatigue Interface Shear Strength between Old and Njew Concretes

신구콘크리트 계면의 전단강도 측정을 위한 정하중 및 피로하중 보실험

  • 최동욱 (안성산업대학교 건축공학과)
  • Published : 1997.06.01


Interface shear strength of' concrete under static loading and deterioratiion of interface strength by fatigue loading in shear were experimentally investigated using composite beam test specimens. Thirteen beams were constructed. Five composite beams were tested statically until interface delaminations were observed in the static tests. Seven composite beam and one monolithically cast beam were subjected to two to three million cycles of fatigue load. Test variables were interface roughness, interface shear reinforcement, and presence of interface bond. The average interface shear strength of the composite beams with bonded-rough interface was 6, 060 kPa. No interface delamination was observed after cycling for the composite beams with bonded - rough interface and interface bond was not influenced by repeated application of the shear stress of 2.000 kPa(about 1/3 of the static interface shear strength). Smooth interface and unbonded-rough interface with shear reinforcement deteriorated under repeated shear loading.